Kibana 3 Authentication with ES 5/6.X

Hey guys,

I know many of you still use Kibana 3 out there, cause it still have some advantages for logging use case.

Dont get me wrong, Kibana 4-6 are great for dashboards, visualizations and in-depth views of the data (in fact we are using both versions), but if i want to have a look at the data itself, I still prefer Kibana 3.

Now we are challenging the upgrade to ES 5.X and with that we looking for a solution to still have Kibana 3 available with user authentication for the new ES version.

Right now we are using this 2 components:

the 1st one is doing the authentication/authorization while the 2nd one is providing the updates kibana modules to work with ES 2.X and 5.X.

However the authentication part is no longer working with ES 5.X due to changes to _nodes API.

Any of you guys can recommend another solution to make authentication work with Kibana 3.X and ES 5.x?

Thank you very much.

Other than using X-Pack for security, you could use a reverse proxy. More details here:

Thank you for your response.

Do you think X-Pack security would work with Kibana 3? Like the requests that comes from the client machine through Kibana to ES can be authenticated with sth. like a Kerberos AD-Token on the PC?

We are open to anything, including buying X-Pack.

Oh, sorry, no, X-Pack security will not work with anything prior to Kibana 5.0. I'm sorry, I don't know of any solutions here.

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