Kibana 3.x version compatibility with elasticsearch 2.x

can some one tell me which version of kibana 3.x works with elasticsearch 2.x. elastic doc page says that kibana 3 is compatible with es 1.x and above. what is the above limit???

Kibana3 relies on facets, which have been deprecated in Elasticsearch2.0. Kibana3 will therefore not work with Elasticsearch 2.x and above. The highest version that will work with Kibana3 is therefore 1.7.x.

thanks. is there any kibana version that works with all elasticsearch 2.x version ?? i mean with es 2.0 and 2.1 both ??

No, see

I think you can also take a look here:

If you want kibana that works with both 1.x and 2.x
you can use:

That still appears to be using facets, which no longer exist in ES 2.X