Kibana 4.4.1 - unable to npm start or build

I just download the Kibana 4.4.1 and tring to make some changes which I juse to do for kibana 4.3 or previous versions. But nothing was apply when I use bin/kibana. And npm start is no longer working. And also how can I build? Like to create the packages?

You could clone the repo at, checkout v4.4.1, apply your changes and then run npm run build to build a distributable. This is how we build the binaries that are downloadable on the site.

What type of changes are you making specifically though? Most changes should still get picked up in 4.4.1, as far as I know.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your reply.
We are adding some changes like maturity ticks.
And I found when I try to run bin/kibana, only if I made some changes for installed Plugins like marvel or something, it will be force to optimize again and will take all changes in kibana. Otherwise only run bin/kibana will not take any changes. Is it new in v4.4.1?
Thanks very much and it helps.

You may have to remove your node_modules directory,

rm -rf node_modules


npm install

to get the npm start command to continue working. You may also want to remove your bundles directory:

rm -rf optimize/bundles

to get a fresh bundle, but this should only need to happen once after you get npm start working again.

And if you're only trying to make frontend changes, I would try deleting optimize/bundles and restarting the server before going down the route of deleting node_modules.