Kibana 4 Stuck at "Kibana is Loading" with ERR_CONNECTION_RESET on Index.js

Kibana was working on my workstation on Day 1, and it works and continues to work on 2 colleagues' machines. On Day 2, it stopped working on my Desktop (Windows 10, 16GB ram) using IE11, Edge or Chrome. They get 4 successful request, but then on the request for the file "Index.js" it fails. Chrome reports ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. The javascript begins to come back, but it looks corrupted at the end, and the Dev Tools in IE or Chrome show various syntax errors in the js.

The next day, I got a second machine, and Kibana worked there on Edge, on Day 1. On Day 2, Edge started failing, the server is replying with "301 Redirect". I installed Chrome, and find the server is not returning 301 to Chrome but is returning 301 to Edge. Can the server be paying attention to USER_AGENT as part of routing the URL?

Kibana continues to work on my manager's machine. Could I, or my machine, be causing this? I haven't created any Index Patterns or changed Settings or even created any Visualizations yet. I just was getting started by bring the site up, and I ran a quick "Discover" query to prove it was working, then left for the day, and the next morning it is broken. I've tried deleting cookies and local storage. Nothing has changed on this machine, the firewall wasn't changed, the virus scanner wasn't changed. It fails while retrieving the Index.js?b=7562. I do not see any possibility that I am inadvertently causing this.

Elasticsearch itself is working just fine, I can GET and POST from postman and create new indices, _bulk load data, run _search queries, and server health reports okay. The servers are hosted on AWS.

I have seen a few hits on this issue, but not seeing any clear answers.

Can you add more to this? What are the syntax errors you see? Were these problems just happening on the first day?

There are a few things that cause a redirect response to come back from the Kibana server, such as going to the Login page if you are unauthenticated and loading a saved link to a shortened URL. But those scenarios cause a 302 response, not a 301. Something else must be going on.

These responses are not coming from the Kibana server itself, but probably a proxy or some other software in between. Possibly even a browser plugin.

You never said if there is a problem happening in Chrome, just that it's not receiving a 301.