Kibana 4 - Visualization Question


I have a data set which includes the the medal types won by each country
along with the year they won the medal. Below is the sample data..

"_source": {

  • "message": [
    • "4183,1924-06-01,Summer,"NURMI,
      Paavo",Men,FIN,Finland,Athletics,3000m team,Gold "
  • "@version": "1",
  • "@timestamp": "2015-04-06T00:19:35.657Z",
  • "MedalistID": "4183",
  • "Year": "1924-06-01",
  • "Season": "Summer",
  • "Athlete Name": "NURMI, Paavo",
  • "Gender": "Men",
  • "NOC": "FIN",
  • "Country": "Finland",
  • "Main Sport": "Athletics",
  • "Detailed Sport": "3000m team",
  • "Medal Type": "Gold"


I am trying to build the following visualization.

Line Chart:
Filtered by Top 5 Countries (by count of rows)
Year on the X Axis
Count on the Y Axis

*Find the 5 countries with most medals over entire dataset, then plot their
results for each year

I am struggling to build this aggregation in Kibana 4. If I first select
Y-Axis as "Count" and X-Axis as "Terms Aggregation" with Top 5 Country,
then I can't plot the results per year.

And if I select Y-Axis as "Count" and X-Axis as "Date Histogram" with Year
and then add a sub-aggregation of "Terms Aggregation" with Top 5 Country,
then obviously the sub aggregation is per year and not over the entire data
set. How do I get around this problem.

I want my top level aggregation to be Top 5 Country but the results need to
be plotted per year.


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