Kibana 6.3.2 no timeline and wrong layout in dev mode

but this is no error in console:

any experts could provide some help?

Looks like you are running Kibana in development mode, and something has happened where the browser assets have not been bundled completely.

If you are running Kibana from the source and are checked out on the master branch of the Git repo, then this is not Kibana 6.3.2 but an unreleased alpha version that isn't supported for any kind of production. If you need 6.3.2, download the build from

hi, thanks. but I wanna develop on kibana version 6.3.2.
if I download from "", which includes no dev resource

That should be fine if you want to do that.

To develop on the 6.3 branch:

  • Check out the 6.3 branch of the git repo
  • yarn kbn clean
  • yarn kbn bootstrap
  • yarn start

The problems you're seeing in the browser look like invalid browser asset bundles were created. The clean and bootstrap steps should take care of that.

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