Kibana 7.10 OSS homebrew install is not available

The docs on Kibana 7.10 say:

To install the OSS distribution, specify elastic/tap/kibana-oss

But trying this fires the error
Error: Invalid tap name 'elastic/tap/kibana-oss'

Please note that the commit 230b860 on homebrew-tap shows that the Formula/kibana-oss.rb file was removed and it says that only

Logstash, Beats and APM server [...] fully support the OSS distributions

@DevFullStack Thank you for letting us know.
The commit that you're referring to was for the 7.10.2 -> 7.11 update. I think you're looking for the 7.10.2 update commit.

Yes, @cheiligers, I mentioned the commit that created the inconsistency with the docs. IMHO, one of them should be aligned to the other.

Were you suggesting to use the information in 7.10.2 update commit to be able to install Kibana using homebrew? If yes, I'm curious to know how...

I successfully installed Kibana OSS through the TAR file based on these installation steps .

@DevFullStack I'm glad you came right with the install!
Thanks for letting us know about the docs issue through the forum. The docs themselves have a handy quick link for giving feedback (far page right) too so that you don't have to toggle between browser tabs.

Cool, I didn't notice it until you pointed it out! Thanks!

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