Kibana 7.4.2 is taking too much time to load

Hi Team,

In am using kibana 7.4.2 , It is taking too much time to load around 10 seconds. There are few modules which are not needed in my use case like APM, timelion, SIEM.
how can i remove these modules at code level so that kibana startup time get reduced.

Please help team !

You can disable the plugins this way : during startup. More ref:

You can collect network stats to see what is taking time to get loaded.


Thankyou so much @rashmi

It says - Use the following command to disable a plugin:
./bin/kibana --.enabled=false .

Is there any file in kibana code base from where i can disable these plugins directly ?

Hi @rashmi
After disabling plugin i don't see any performance enhancement during kibana startup. Please suggest some way so that i can improve the Kibana UI loading.

Can you provide the metrics - that is how much time it is taking for the payload? Could you open your browser's dev tools and see if there are any JS errors and if not check the Network tab to see what the request and response from ES are (look for an _msearch request)?

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