Kibana 8.4.x and 8.5.x Elasticsearch compatibility

I was browsing the support matrix at Support Matrix | Elastic

When looking at the Elasticsearch compatibility, the Kibana versions 8.4.x and 8.5.x is not supported with Elasticsearch 8.4.x and 8.5.x.
Does this mean it's not compatible or that you do not give support for those versions, or has someone missed to update the table?


Hi @Thornfalt — thanks for pointing this out. Looks like an oversight. I will reach out internally about correcting this. Don't hesitate to use those versions of Kibana with the corresponding versions of Elasticsearch.

@Andrew_Tate Just a little feedback, the Support Matrix page is becoming very hard to use now because of the number of versions listed.

For example the PRODUCT AND OPERATING SYSTEM, you have both vertical and horizontl scroll and it is very hard to find the exact information you want.

Even for the last version it is hard to know exactly what are the supported Operating Systems.


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