Kibana 8.6 TVSB Gauge chart does not show large numbers

FInd out the nunber of a SUM in a lens visualization.

But when I try to do the same visualization in TVSB gauge option, and this is the value that shows:

Are there parameters to adjust?
Thanks in advance


On TSVB There are 2 modes of the calculations Entire Range and Last Value if you want the Sum over the Entire Range make sure to Select that.

Hi @stephenb

The Entire time range has been selected always.
Another suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

What version are you on... oh 8.6

No ... other than are you sure you are using the same index, data view, time range, metric filters... something is not equal.

You will need to show all the settings for both, something is not the same TSVB can show very large numbers ... did this on purpose

Did a quick test of Count I get the exact same results...

Hi @stephenb
Yes, you are right, I was using a different fields in the dashborads.
Thank you for your time.

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