Kibana - Coordinate Map - Different color dots for different pattern


I have data relating to companies business.
The set is available at 2 phases:

  1. Quote - what the company expects to earn in next 1 year
  2. Actual Sales - what the company earned in one year

The data is mostly based of US. I am writing all the data corresponding to one index. But each document has a field which says whether the document is Quote/Sales.

Can I have the Kibana depict the Quote, Sales coordinates in 2 different color?
Just to compare what the company expected, what the company did, 2 different colors would be great.


Hey @Hs_Kishore, the Coordinate maps itself only works with a single "layer". Starting in Kibana 7.0, there's a dedicated Maps application which allows you to add multiple layers to the same map: If there is anything additional you need added to the maps application to support your use-case, please feel free to open up an feautre request

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Hi @Brandon_Kobel thanks a lot guiding me in right direction. I am exploring the maps feature now, looks very interesting. I had never got an opportunity to use it as I was mostly using Coordinate Map under Visualize. I will do my research and get here if I have any more doubts.

Thanks again.

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