Kibana degraded mode


Today i have installed the newest version of kibana and elasticsearch but my "GUI" looks different than on elastic webpage.

Should i enable any additional option ?!


I have checked and all x-pack features / files are in place.

Thank you

Hi Darius, are you looking for X-Pack apps like Machine Learning and Graph? If so, you will need to activate a trial license. You can do that by clicking on the Management gear icon at the bottom of the nav drawer, and then going to "License Management". Does this help?

Hello Cjcenizal,

I am looking for options like "License manager", Export logs into CSV (i think this is in free version)

Moreover i have enabled trial license and nothing has changed. Looks i have very limited options. I have also checked on google images and Kibana gui has much more options:


Also i saw some options under management with elasticsearch - in my deployment is empty
This is how management looks on my linux:

forget to add - i can see logs from elasticsearch.

How did you install everything? What instructions and what packages did you download/install?

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