Kibana doesn't show data in some visualizations when accessed via browsers on Ubuntu linux

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reproduced on Kibana 6.3.0 and 6.6.0

I have a dashboard that contains several visualisations. We want to use it as an information radiator, when accessing the dashboard using chrome, safari or firefox on my Mac (and the same plus IE on windows machines) all works as desired. However when accessed via any browser (chrome, chromium, firefox, epiphany) on ubuntu in either Gnome or XFCE desktops some of the visualizations fail to render data but give no errors. They just sit at 0. For example:

On my mac:

On the radiator:

I've searched for hours and found no previous reports of this behaviour. Has anyone experienced this and can make a suggestion as to whats going on or how to resolve it?

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That's very interesting.

When you are accessing it on Ubuntu - where is your Kibana? Is it on that local machine? or you are opening Kibana on that machine and the stack is sitting somewhere else?


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