Kibana - Drill down - reusing filters from URL

Hello everyone.

To deal with the technical details, version of Kibana that I am using is 7.3.1.

I am experimenting with drill down capabilities of Kibana.
From what I have managed to find, a way to do it in Kibana is by using custom constructed URL's.

Currently I am interested if there is an option to "add a filter" to existing one in a custom constructed URL.

To try to explain it better, you can check this post that was asked about a year ago or follow below scenario.

Let us say that I am dealing with pets.
On the dashboard I have the filter (Controls component) which allows me to select a type:

  • cat
  • dog
  • ...

Based on what I select, a table filters out and shows me breads of that type with a simple count.
A bread is displayed as a clickable link which takes me to another dashboard which should show me more details.

For example, in controls component I select:
type: dog
and I clicked in the table on:
breed: Shepherd

Now, what I would like to do is reuse the fact that I selected the type "dog".

But, from what I've managed to find, "application state" is in the URL.
And because I constructed a custom URL, I overrided that state and there is no way for me to "carry over" existing filter to another dashboard with addition of mine (selected one from the table).

So, my questions are:

  • is "filter addition/filter carry over" over custom URL's supported now?
  • are there plans to support a "filter addition/filter carry over" over custom URL's?
  • is there a way, or a plan, to have some kind of "global state" that is not in URL that could be reused?

Thank you,

Hi Ranko,

Unfortunately, dynamically adding filters to URLs is not yet available in Kibana. It is on our roadmap and we are tracking this issue here.

Thank you for the answer and the link

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