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I have a requirement to keep filter bar in the left side of the screen in kibana 6.2.2. Is there any change i can do to achieve that? Because in earlier versions of kibana we were getting the filter bar on the left but in 6.2.2 i cannot see that.Can you please help me resolve that.

(Marius Dragomir) #2

This is currently the case when using kuery, though this will change starting in 6.3.

In Management > Advanced Settings

If search:queryLanguage:switcher:enable is set to true. You will have an option in the search box to change the query syntax. Change the to 'lucene' to get back filtering.

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Hi @Marius_Dragomir
This answer is not relevant to the question i asked i feel. Actually i was asking about the filter part, in the previous version of kibana for example kibana 3 we had check boxes and filters similar thing can i get in kibana 6.2.2. Currently i am getting filter below the search bar on dashboards i want the filter to be on left side of the dashboard.

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Can you provide some screenshots of what exactly it is you want? I am not familiar with Kibana 3.

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