Kibana Filters in chrom revolver tabs

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I have 4 different filters on my dashboard.
I want to put every filter in different tab of chrome using revolver tab plugin.

On my dashboard, I select filterA, url gets updated in the browser. I copy that URL and paste in config options of tab rotate plugin.
Same I way I copy 3 URSL.
However, when tab rotates automatically, by default 3 filters are disabled.
How to achieve each filter is enabled in its own tab?


(Tim Roes) #2

Hi Sunil,

this should be possible. The state of a filter (whether it's disabled or enabled) will also be encoded in the URL. You should find for each filter a key like: meta:(alias:!n,disabled:!f,... that will have the flag if the filter is disabled (!t) or nor (!f).

If you check for all those URLs you add to your rotation, that the URL is correct and no filter is disabled that you are not wanting it should work fine. Also if you copy those URLs while the filters are enabled, they should not be disabled when inserting them into the rotation plugin.


(Sunil Chaudhari) #3

Thanks Tim,

You are right. It used to work before. However, since I change setting "state:storeInSessionStorage" to true. It stopped working and shows below error on Kibana
"Unable to completely restore the URL, be sure to use the share functionality."


(Tim Roes) #4

Oh yeah, if you have that setting enabled you cannot simply copy the URL anymore, because the state for that URL is only stored locally in your local storage (which might be not shared with the resolver plugin, or the user profile you are using there).

So as the error mentions, in case you have that setting on, please make sure you don't copy and paste the URL from your browser, but instead use the "Share" option on top of the dashboard to get a URL to enter into the Resolver plugin.


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Hi Tim,
thanks. I worked like charm :slight_smile:
I owe you a chilled beer.


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