Kibana GUI Interface Authentication

Dear Team,

i have installed ElasticSearch 7.1.1, Logstash 7.1.1, Kibana 7.1.1 on Windows 10 and it working fine for me. Though i want to enable the Kibana GUI based authentication i.e. If someone tries to access "http://localhost:5601/", there should be a page which ask for Username and Password, then allows access to dashboard.

I tried multiple options mentioned about making changes to yml files of Elastic Search and Kabana, but it didn't helped.

Do i need to have any special license for it? currently, i'm using the basic license and have no plan to update.

Vivek Tiwari


Security in ES and Kibana is now free: you enable the xpack security setting in both elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml, the elasticsearch prompts for username and password.

Kibana users have to log in when X-Pack security is enabled on your cluster. You configure X-Pack security roles for your Kibana users to control what data those users can access.

Most requests made through Kibana to Elasticsearch are authenticated by using the credentials of the logged-in user. There are, however, a few internal requests that the Kibana server needs to make to the Elasticsearch cluster. For this reason, you must configure credentials for the Kibana server to use for those requests.

Hope this helps

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