Kibana iframe updating time attribute require refresh for iframe

Hi all,

When I am creating frame with the Kibana option for "refreshInterval" and "time" (I manage to see what i needed and with the specific options).

Now the question, after the insert of the frame into the HTML code, I can't find a way update the frame options and updating the frame without the need to reload it (which cause the Kibana loading image, it also take few seconds)

Is there any way to change those attributes without the need to reload the iframe?
I saw there is a plugin for Kibana which is not official one but if possible without it, it will be better.


Additional info:

  • using Kibana 5.6

Currently, if you change those settings in Kibana, a reload is required for them to take effect (as you have discovered).

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thanks, wish it will be changed so it will not work like that and update to frame attributes will not have to reload the frame

thanks for the answer!

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