Kibana Infrastructure data source

I'd wonder, if Kibana Infrastructure app can support data source other than metricbeat.

I am now collecting system metrics by Collectd. I assume Infrastructure app is looking for pre-defined field names. Can I modify field names in Collectd by Logstash, so that Infrastructure app can recognize those data.

If you follow ECS and the metric schema used in the system module of Metricbeat (here memory as an example: the above should work.

Will give it a try and feedback.

Many Thanks @ruflin for the confirmation.

Here is a list of the fields that the Infrastructure UI uses:

I have successfully enabled CPU, memory, load metrics in Infrastructure UI. But inbound and outbound traffic are always 0 bits.

I have both and system.netowrk.out.bytes in place, both of which are type number. However, these two metrics are not unique in a host, as there may have multiple NIC. Any advise?

BTW, according to the document, the UI will use max of and max of system.netowrk.out.bytes, here what's the max mean? max across NIC, or max across time interval?

i think its related to this issue

My current data collection interval is 5 minutes

Well spotted, thank you! Currently it is max across all documents in the time interval, which does not look correct. We're tracking this in [Infra UI]* not displayed by interface name · Issue #37225 · elastic/kibana · GitHub .

@Jehutywong There is a bug with the metrics on the main "Inventory" view that is calculating the in/out traffic, it's not accounting for ALL the interfaces. The values on the "metrics page" view are correct and are sum total of all the interfaces.

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