Kibana is throwing segmentation fault message

I installed Kibana 4.3.1 on centOS 6.6. machine. When i try to run Kibana , it throws an error message "segmentation fault".

After investigation issue seems to be because of node.
Is there different version of Kibana for different architectures ?
Even by using a latest version of node, I am getting error message "segfault at 10 ip 00000000009fc0e1 sp 00007fffacced7c0 error 4 in node[400000+12a2000]"

Any info/ suggestion / help appreciated.


Did you get your download from here and use Linux 64 or 32 bit as appropriate?

I think kibana packages node in that installation so you shouldn't have a problem with the wrong version.


Thanks Lee.
I downloaded the latest version of Kibana from the above site (official elasticsearch website). Since my machine was x64 I downloaded the same.

The problem for segfault is nodejs in my machine. Nodejs is throwing this error. I tried with latest versions of nodejs which returned with no luck for me. So I'm not sure how to proceed. Is there a Kibana versions released different nodejs packaged for different architectures?
Please help me in solving this issue.

Can you show us a uname -a from your host?
Also, which specific version did you download, the filename you downloaded would be best.

Just the arch builds in linux, as you've seen.

It sounds like you're trying to use your system version of node, instead of the one we ship with. You shouldn't need to do this, we ship with the binary you need. If you're intent on using the system version instead, and you're trying to run with 4.3.1, you'll need to use node 0.12.9. I recommend grabbing 4.3.2 though, as it ships with a version of node that includes a security fix, and that should be the only change.

Finally, as already suggested, can you please post the output of uname -a here?

I found that it's a bug in a kernel we using. All the versions of Node.js is crashing and so the Kibana. We are using customised Atlas framework.

Thanks everyone for the support.