Kibana Segmentation fault issue

I have installed elastic search 2.3.5 on linux machine and trying to install kibana 4.4.0 x64 Linux version.

When I am trying to execute bin/kibana , I get a Segmentation fault error.

How do I resolve it? Is there any specific folder structure that i need to follow?

Please post the entire error. Make sure you use the </> button to format it before posting as well.

[root@dee kibana-4.4.0-linux-x64]#bin/kibana
Segmentation fault

This is the error that I am facing

What operating system are you using? What is the specification of the host?

According to the support matrix you should also be running Kibana 4.5 with Elasticsearch 2.3, although that does not explain the segmentation fault.

I am using red hat os, It would be great if the exact steps to be followed to install kibana is mentioned.

Because I tried installing the kibana 4.4.0 and elastic search 2.3.5 on windows, And I dont face any issues on windows platform.

Why are you installing such an old version? Which exact version of RedHat?

I am using rhel 6.7

What is the actual reason for getting segmentation fault?

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