Kibana marvel-ui plugin will not install

According to the docs, this should install the marvel UI plugin:

/opt/kibana/bin/kibana plugin -i elasticsearch/marvel-ui/latest

This is the result I am getting:

Installing marvel-ui
Attempting to extract from
Attempting to extract from
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "Not a valid url."

Curl of the urls above returns a 404.

Update: The plugin installs if you use this command:

/opt/kibana/bin/kibana plugin -i elasticsearch/marvel/latest, so I guess the documentation is incorrect.

The cluster page in marvel is showing my cluster as having a trial license that expires in 30 days. What license/product is that referring to?

There was a problem with the docs, we've since updated it to fix this.

Apologies for the confusion!

Still does not work for me!

/opt/kibana/bin/kibana plugin -i elasticsearch/marvel/latest

try /opt/kibana # bin/kibana plugin --install marvel --url file:///marvel-2.4.1.tar.gz

Latest plugin marvel-2.4.1.tar.gz is working as expected.

This thread is nearly a year old though!

Yep, I am aware :slight_smile: .. Just put a note so that it could be useful to someone who is facing the same issue by following the docs.

npsenthilkumar :slight_smile: Thank you!