Kibana number format display wrong

I have a json number field. When I choose the display to be "Number", the value displayed are different from what's in the json. If I switch to "String" display, the value is correct. It seems to happen only to the large number. Maybe the number format doesn't handle the large number correctly, or some floating number precision thing. For example

648518552499911557 becomes 648,518,552,499,911,680
750693969045886946 becomes 750,693,969,045,886,976

We dug in more and found the value displayed in String format is also wrong

We see the value in Number format as
in String format is
If we query ES directly, we got

The value stored in ES is correctly, but neither display in Number nor in String is correct

This seems to be a limitation of the library used for displaying the numbers (Numeral.js) and somehow in Javascript. You could open a bug report/enhancement request in the Kibana repo, maybe somebody can find a workaround.

But why the value is still wrong even I choose the display format as String?

I think numeral.js is used to read the number first and convert it to string, probably why it's wrong. But I will investigate and see about this.

I think you are right. Here is the ticket:

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