Kibana - popup confirmation when I change object

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Under Kibana 4.6, we had a confirmation message when we saved changes to an existing object (dash, viz).
In Kibana 6.1.1, I no longer have a confirmation request popup.
Is this normal?


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Hi @pittoch,

yes, this is expected behavior. Let me give some background:

Prior to Kibana 5.5.0, the objects saved by Kibana (searches, visualizations, dashboards, etc) were identified via the title entered by the user. Since that could easily lead to unintended overwriting of other saved objects with the same title, a confirmation dialog was displayed.

This has been changed so that the title entered by the user no longer identifies the saved objects. Instead, a unique id is generated which enables renaming of saved objects while keeping the identity constant. It also reduces the risk of unintentional clobbering of other objects. The confirmation dialog was therefore removed from the workflow since it can now be safely assumed that the user actually wants to persist the changes to the same object when clicking "save".

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I understand, thank you for your explication!


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