Kibana showing 'WHERE' is not an int or ext command on start up

When i run Kibana on windows 7 it shows the following message:

'WHERE' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I checked the kibana.bat file and it contains the following:

for /f "delims=" %%i in ('WHERE node') do set SYS_NODE=%%i

How do i solve this? I'm using Kibana 4.3.0.

WHERE should be a system level command, and is present on my copy of Windows 7.

That said, even if the command does not exist, Kibana should still start, just let the script continue to run. If you let it run, does Kibana start for you? Or is the script just exiting?

The script just exits without Kibana starting.

I've opened this issue to track this:

I don't know Windows well enough to tell you how to install the WHERE command, and I'm not having the problems you are. I've brought this up with some of our Windows folks, but I'm still waiting to hear back.

In the meantime, you could comment out or remove that line of the bat script completely things should then run.

Apparently WHERE should just be part of cmd.exe. Why you don't have it on your system, I do not know. Why the bat script stops I also do not know, as I don't see the same thing happening on my end.

The bottom line is, we should be shipping different script files with the build that don't try to fall back to any system-installed node version anyway.

Ok thank you. I commented the line containing "where" and kibana started without issues.

I am having this issue on Windows XP SP3 (Too old, IKR :sweat_smile:)
I have opened this topic.

What should be done?

Try using a lower version of Kibana.