Kibana slow work with x-pack

(Михаил) #3

I try to next:
x-pack is installed and all modules off. Result: kibana working fast
x-pack is installed and all modules on, but security modules off. Result: kibana working fast

(Михаил) #4

Who have any idea?

(Jay Modi) #5

Did you install x-pack on both elasticsearch and kibana? What user are you using? If you open up developer tools in your web browser, can you see which request is taking a lot longer?

(Михаил) #6

yes of course

I use default user "elastic"

How I can check it?

(Jay Modi) #7

Do you use chrome? If so, you can open the tools with and then you can see how to measure resource loading times

If you can see a difference between specific requests both with and without security that will help us try to figure it out

(Михаил) #8

The next request is taking a lot longer:

(Jay Modi) #9

Can you share what it looks like without security for comparison?

(Михаил) #10

I set false in elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml, then restart elastic and kibana. After that, I check:

(Jay Modi) #11

Thank you. It looks like field stats requests are a lot slower with security; the msearch time looks ok. Can you confirm the exact version you have?

(Михаил) #12

I use ELK and X-pack version 5.0.2.

(Jay Modi) #13

Sorry for all of the questions. Have you defined any roles that use field or document level security?

Edit: also can you share stats for those indices and your cluster? Specifically the number of segments would be useful. Also is there any xpack configuration on the elasticsearch side that was changed from default (anonymous, realms, etc)?

(Михаил) #14

No. I Use default users, roles and other x-pack settings

Yes. If you tell me how I can check it?

(Jay Modi) #15

Yes. If you tell me how I can check it?

Sure, the output of the following APIs will be helpful (console syntax):

GET _segments?verbose=true
GET _cat/indices?v
GET _xpack/security/user
GET _xpack/security/role
GET _nodes

Thank you for working with me on this so we can get to the bottom of what is going on here.

(Михаил) #16

OK. But is private info. How can I forward those info only for you?

(Jay Modi) #17

I sent you a private message and you can send me the details there.

(Михаил) #18

My GET _segments?verbose=true output is 276Mb. It`s normal?

(Jay Modi) #19

Try to leave the ?verbose off. It should be smaller but I'm not sure by how much

(Михаил) #20

I sent you private message

(Jay Modi) #21

Thank you for providing this information. I'll let you know what I find.

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Kibana slows down after X-Pack security installation