Kibana standard security and reverse proxy requires login multiple times


I'm using basic Elastic Stack version 7.15 (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Filebeat). To access Kibana I use IIS's URL Rewrite and reverse proxy. I wanted to deal with security warning by setting up minimal security in Elasticsearch and Kibana. I got it working but the side effect of using it along with reverse proxy is that I have multiple requests to login with my AD credentials at the beginning and every time I switch context (like when I enter "Stack Management" site or "Discover" site).

I have to click "Login" up to 30 times to move on (29 at the start actually).
I've tried to go with anonymous users - it get's a little better but still have multiple login requests at the start (29 of them). I think I could use to it... but I doubt anybody else from my team could.

Do You happen to know the solution to this?


Hi @mrybinski

In order to help you with this we would need a bit more information on your setup.
Can you share your Kibana and IIS config? Also let us know what headers your proxy sends to Kibana and what behavior exactly do you expect?


Thank You for prompt reply.
kibana.yml look like this:
As for IIS config I'm not sure what You need so here are my URL Rewrite rules:

and I enabled Windows Authentication and added Authorization Allow Rules with Roles I'm in.

As for headers proxy sends... here I know even less what You mean but I'll try to show what I can.
First on calling localhost:5058 (this port is redirected to 5601 with URL Rewrite) I have to clock "Login" several times and those requests keep repeating

then one of them receives OK, I then log in as Elastic user to Kibana and after displaying /app/home I got another 28 AD login requests:

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