Kibana table sample size

How much can be the maximum value for discover:sampleSize in Kibana/Advanced Settings? I have tried setting it to 10000 because of a few use cases (since my table crashes because of too many rows at times). Also, I saw a warning saying "You can break stuff here", so thought of asking.

Kindly guide.


if you have big table. do't do table viz.
go to discover add a require colum and save that as serarch.
and then insert that search in to your dashboard and it won't break.

I have done that for one my my big table.

Thanks for the quick reply @elasticforme. It works! Appreciate it.
Do you know by any change if I can limit the number of rows inside discover component (may be to 10) and also give an alias name to the columns?

Thanks again.

  1. Alias you can do a scripted field but that is probably not the best idea if you are looking for performance. But you can add a new field with another value and rename the column.

  2. Believe the hardcoded minimum value for rows is 50 (if you are talking about pagination) but if you want it above 50 I think there is an option in advanced settings.

Thanks for the quick reply @aaron-nimocks. Sure, will try out the solutions. It appears though discover table is sort of editable. Do you know any way we can lock the number of columns on it?


Whatever columns are selected before you save the search is what is maintained. Add, remove, sort, and order them first. Then save it.

Got the column number fixed. Sorry got stuck again. I totally forgot about the export buttons on datatable, is there a way to the same with saved search?


@AditiKhalatkar it's a little different on the dashboard than a data table, but click the 3 dots on the top right of the table and you get the below menu.


@aaron-nimocks Thanks for the picture. I think I might be using some other version. Mine gives 2 options only. Please find the below screenshot for reference.
Also, I found one relevant post where we would add "Reporting" option on Dashboard using x-pack, will that help me download the table?


Below is a saved search on a dashboard. The 3 dots only give you those 2 options? I know View Underlying Data is new (I think 7.9) but download CSV has been there for awhile I believe. What version are you using?

@aaron-nimocks Mine is a bit older version (6.8). Is it because of that?

@AditiKhalatkar it is. Looked it up and it was a 7.3 release. Would need to upgrade to get that option.

@aaron-nimocks Thanks for the quick help. Appreciate it!

Will upgrading Kibana + Elasticsearch break anything? Also, is it safe since 6.8 seemed more stable since it would only depreciated once 8.0 comes into picture? (Let me know if I should create a separate thread for this question)

@AditiKhalatkar I would recommend going to 7.3 if you need that functionality. Probably best to get 7.3.2 since it address bug fixes in 7.3.

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