Kibana Visualization Controls Option List

I indexed on elasticsearch several documents containing the JSON key aircraft. This JSON key has 3 values: A319, A320 and A321.
When I create a Kibana visualization with the type Controls and Option List, I have only 2 aircrafts in the suggestion list: A319 and A320. Why ? Is it a limitation of Kibana with the suggestion list ?
I checked with other JSON key and I have the same problem.
Thanks for the help.

It could be that the suggestions list is being limited by your current filters (i.e. time range, etc.). If you select a broader time range that definitely includes data that has all three keys, do you see all of the options?

I checked your suggestion with filters but it was not that. After some tests, I found that the issue was coming from my mapping. In the settings, the option " "number_of_shards": 1 " was the problem. I deleted this line and now I have no issue.

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