Kibana web page does not open when virtual machine interface is host-only

I have recently installed elasticsearch on my Kali purple virtual machine with my VM interface setting set as network enabled. I used a vmnet which allowed me access to the internet via my regualr host machine. After initial installation, everything went as expected. I was able to log into the web page, but when I changed the VM setting to host only on my VM, I could not log into the web page. I manually set the IP address in the Kali Network setting to manual and set the IP to match the IP setting in the yml file. I restarted the VM and checked to see if the IP address had taken. It showed the same IP as in my yml file. Whe I tried to restart my kibana service (sudo systemctl restart Kibana), it seemed to initially work, but as soo as I Tried to log into the web page, there was no connection. After checking the status (systemctl status kibana), this had shown a fail in the status. Any suggestions? Thank you.

You need to share your configuration files and any log you have, but it seems to me that this is a network issue and not a Kibana issue.

Thank you. After reinstalling a few times and setting the VM interfaces over along with these actions, it seems to be working right now. Maybe it was just a glitch in the system while working on the elastic setup. There seems to be no issues currently with current configurations.

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