License+monitoring issue after upgrading to 6.3.0

We are "on our way" to production but we are still on a trial license. and today we migrated our elasticsearch cluster to 6.3.0 (kibana is still on 6.2.4).

During installation of elasticsearch-6.3.0 the license information in the monitoring-ui show the wrong license information which in turn disables monitoring for us. But under management-> License Management the correct license info is displayed. We have tried to add older license and then revert back to a new license and also restarted kibana without any luck. I have attached images showing this.

We are still on kibana-6.2.4 but I assume that while upgrading to elasticsearch-6.3.0 we should still be able to use the monitoring features in x-pack? Or perhaps we are simply missing something?

This is taken from our logs

{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2018-06-21T13:42:00Z","tags":["license","info","xpack"],"pid":43765,"message":"Imported license information from Elasticsearch for the [data] cluster: mode: trial | status: active | expiry date: 2018-07-26T01:59:59+02:00"}

{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2018-06-21T13:43:19Z","tags":["warning","monitoring-ui"],"pid":43765,"message":"Cluster [nHIbcFRxTaGTvJqB5WBf-A] has an invalid license (defined: [true])."}

{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2018-06-21T13:43:19Z","tags":["warning","monitoring-ui"],"pid":43765,"message":"Cluster [QKCsRPjCQjCQGCubsdA4_A] has an invalid license (defined: [true])."}

This shows two clusters (one main and one for monitoring + logs) . This says expired

but License Management says valid (which is correct according to "GET _xpack/license")
This is from our single node monitoring cluster but the main cluster displays the same

Regards /Johan

I think your going to need to upgrade Kibana to 6.3
As part of the changes to open X-Pack and provide non-expiring, basic licenses we made some changes to the licence format.
I wouldn't expect it to have this affect, but it seems like the most likely cause.

Upgrading kibana solves the issue, but that means that monitoring is disabled during elasticsearch upgrade.

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