Line Chart value on Y-axis goes in negative

Hi all,

I am using a Line Chart in my visualization where in Y axis is shows a Time spent by a process (End Time - Start Time ).
The Chart works fine for last 24hrs or last 30 days data sometimes. But If I increase this limit to 10 weeks or so on... The values are shown in negative.Since the values are time stamp I dont think so they will go in negative (also my query (End Time - Start Time ) I have checked correctly.
Under buckets I have a aggregation on term and an order by metric: Y axis data desc and size as 50.
If I change this size to 29 or some times 25 then I get a proper graph. Or else it goes in negative.
I am using Kibana 5.1.1.
Kindly help with this.

Can you provide more detail on the source of the data? From what you describe I would guess that end time and start time are based on the something similar to sysUpTime (from SNMP, which would also show up in Netflow or sFlow and other infrastructure management sources). sysUpTime is a counter value measured in timeticks (i.e. centiseconds) and is a 32-bit integer. Once it reaches its max value it starts over at 0. It is possible that what you are seeing is the result of such occasional counter rollovers.

Just a guess.


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