Line charts with default values

I have line chart showing values for couple of year using Histogram. I'm using count as aggregation to display it on the axes. For some number of days there aren't any values returned as count, as a result graph hangs midway.

Is there any way to change that to drop to zero when no value is present without manipulating the data.

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@vikramnr I don't know what version of the stack you're running but I think you'll find changing your visualization to Lens would give you the option of setting a default for the "missing" data. You could also try adjusting your time frame for the vis, as suggested here.

Thanks @cheiligers I was able to resolve that with recent version of Lens and I hope there is no solution in Kibana 7.5.1 versions?

Lens was introduced as Beta in version 7.5 so, yes, there is a solution for you there.
Please note though that there has been significant progress since the Beta version.

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