Line diagram showing sum of finished orders over time

Hello to the elastic community!

I have a problem and I can't figure out how I could achieve this.
Every few minutes some orders get finished.
And I want to show how many are finished after 5 mins, after 10 mins, and so on.

So the x axis would be the time and y axis would be the sum of finished orders from start time.

Hi, how is your data structured? Do you get a document when order starts and one when order ends, or just a single one for the whole order? what fields would you have in your document?

Well it's one label and data gets updated.
For example label.order_end is only set when order is finished.
So I filter for if label.order_end exists.


Then it should be pretty straightforward:
You can map: "labels.order_end - labels.order_start" on one axis and count on the other. That calculation can be done in multiple ways:

  1. Best way: when you update the order_end field, add/update a duration field.
  2. TSVB math aggregation: you can do the difference there, when you have both fields, but you need to make sure first that you do checks for the label.order_end field existing first.
  3. Scripted field: same as before, you need to do the checks and you can create your own duration field.
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Thanks for the fast reply!

I was not specific on the x axis. I don't want the duration, I want the time ( @timestamp ).
So e.g. at 18:00 we have 0 orders finished, at 18:10 we have 10, then 15, and so on.

Here I got something, but I can't choose @timestamp, only the timestamp in us, which is pretty ugly:

So, eventually I got it to work with lens and cumulative sum.
Somehow I oversaw this.

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