Linking visualizations to specific adhoc filters in dashboard

I'd like to support adhoc filtering in a dashboard with visualizations that have documents that don't share the same fields. For example, if a user clicks something in vis A to apply a terms filter to vis A,B,C, it won't apply to vis D,E,F.

If hasn't been considered yet, would be nice if we could define "filter groups". By default, there is the one filter group shared by all visualizations like there is now. As the dashboard creator, I can assign visualizations to specific filter groups. Then when a user who doesn't know the underlying document mappings for the visualizations applies a filter, it will only apply to visualizations in its filter group.

Closest issue I could find was this one.

I'm curious to hear how others are handling this kind of filtering across different document types. Writing custom frontends for specific workflows? Thanks!

splunk、sumologic both have this filter per panel support. And I think the sumologic way maybe better in Kibana. It's someway like timelion already do.