Links of existing graphs on Kibana Dashboard

Hi I want to show a link of existing graph or dashboard on another dashboard. Click on that link will navigate me to that graph or dashboard. To do this I used widget where I specified URL of a graph. But I am facing 2 different problems here,

  1. In widget we can specify hyperlink text and URL. So I specified link as shown in image. Hyperlink text displayed properly i.e Network Graph but URL is also displayed along with it. If I specify a URL other than that of Kibana Objects(Graph and dashboards) then it displays it properly. Check VisitGithub link.

  2. Second problem is of error message. Check error message in screenshot. Though error is shown logs of Kiabana and ElasticSearch does not show any exception. Correct graph getting displayed.

Apart from other problems I have one query. Can we specify links in graph itself instead of widget?

I ran into this the other day too! I haven't had time to get back to it but I think there's some issues with parsing the markdown, it's probably worth raising a GH issue against.

Sure Warkolm I will raise it!
Could you suggest me any other way to achieve linking graphs and dashboards and putting links in a graph itself.

Looks like the markdown sees the first ")" closing bracket in the rison , as the end of your url enclosure ( )... and escaping it with a \ doesnt seem to work, presumably because \ itself is a special character and Kibana already escapes that with its own .

The only way I can think of - without going into the code , or waiting for someone else to - is to create a wrapper page that redirects to your graph. But then you'll have to put that page on a separate webserver , as Kibana uses internal node.js web server.

The only way to put links in your graphs (as far as I know) is to use the URL field formatter - but dont know if that will work for this use case. And you might find that you face the same parsing problem.


Hey thanks for your reply! The graph which I am linking is saved in Kibana. I gave URL as below instead of URL mentioned in my earlier screenshot (very first post).

<[Network Graph]> http://xxxx:xxxx/#/visualize/edit/SUS_Concurrent-Connections-Line-Chart

Click on this navigates to correct graph and it displays it properly.