Log stream intermittently fails to display messages


Using a deployment of Kibana v8.0 on the Elastic cloud, I'm aggregating logs from a few systems under a data view and viewing them in the stream page of the Logs app. This works fine at first, but when live streaming is enabled, scrolling back through the log will soon cause the page to reach the following state ("There are no log messages to display"):

Data is clearly still available (note the sidebar), but checking for new data does nothing. This is fixed immediately by refreshing the page, but soon happens again. Any input on possible causes / solutions would be appreciated.

Do you see any errors in the browser console or network activity? (developer tools) like connectivity issues or any other stuff coming to the console

For anyone running into this issue in the future, this hasn't been solved as of this post but it's currently being tracked here: Log stream app fails to load data after scrolling during streaming · Issue #136159 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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