Kibana Logs Stream as Dashboard Visualization are not streaming live

When I save a Kibana Live Log Stream as a visualization in the Visualization Library and then import it into a Dashboard, the Live Streaming feature is gone and I have to manually refresh it.
I need it in a dashboard so I can present it to users in combination with Input Controls filters.
Is there a way to fix this?

Is Auto-refresh from the top right enabled on your dashboard?

Yes It is Marius, but the log stream is not tailing or auto refreshing.

Interesting, i will check on my side as well and confirm. What version are you on?

Thanks, 7.15.1

Hi @kshepitzki1,
Looks like there is a bug with Dashboard's refresh if it uses only some specific panels (like logs in this case).
Logs refresh starts working as expected if you'd add, for example, a single Lens visualization to a dashboard.

This is a related bug:

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