Logstash service is not started in linux

Hi, I am beginner to ELK stack and I am working on Linux server, I could try to start the logstash service but the service does not start and I could not see any logs in the command line(empty). Even though the permissions are already set to logstash. If anyone really familiar with this issue please help me.

You do not say what Linux variant you are using or what service manager you are using. If it is systemd then see this thread.

Hi @Badger, thank you for your response, but my logstash.yml configurations are fine.Now, I check that, my logstash service status is active and I could not see any logs in console. I saw that location of logstash.log file's storage is full. Is that cause any problems to getting the data to Kibana UI?

This issue happened because of some tmp file, I clear these files and start the service it was working.

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