Metricbeat dashboard drilldown


I installed metricbeat in different hosts and can view the system metrics in default dashboards. Is there any possibilty for the metricbeat dashboards to drilldown further? So that, I can analyse the cause behind the metrics.


You can explore your data from Discover page and then you can create your custom visualisations/dashboards. If you want drill more in your applications performance for instance then you most probably want to put APM in your setup.


For an application, I have deployed apm agents like java. But here I want to monitor a particular operating system(windows). So, I used metricbeat. How can i drill more using APM to analyze cpu usage, memory usage, disk usage?


APM gives you tracing for your specific application so since you want to monitor the whole OS this does not fit.

Regarding the initial question about drilling down to the cpu, memory metrics since the predefined Dashboards do not work for you, you can explore the metrics that are collected and you can create your own visualisations/dashboards according to your needs. Feel free to ask about this, better in Kibana Forum as it is Kibana spesific.


Thanks!! @ChrsMark

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