Metricbeat installed machine is not showing in kibana monitor


I have configured metricbeat in AWS machine and metricbeat service showing in running state but when I have checked on kibana machine is not showing on uptime monitor. And also you can see in below screenshot metricbeat data is showing for the same machine.

Requesting you to please help us for this issue.

Nitin Bisht

Hello Nitin,

What is your goal?

Metricbeat has nothing to do with Uptime - Uptime is designed to monitor server applications using HTTP/TCP/...: Configure Heartbeat monitors | Heartbeat Reference [8.8] | Elastic

If you want to monitor Metricbeat, you should enable the monitoring and use the Stack Monitoring page in Kibana to check the state.

Best regards

Hi @Wolfram_Haussig ,

Thanks for your response and sorry for the late reply from my end.

My bad, I'm monitoring it on wrong area. Now, for monitoring the count of running metricbeat server I have created dashboard which check the server count in which metricbeat service is running.

Nitin Bisht

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