Metricbeat showing failure

Hi, I started playing with metricbeat. I set logstash module

  • module: logstash

    - node

    - node_stats

    period: 30s
    hosts: ["localhost:9600"]

and it works, output is ES index. When I get last event it shows some values

But I would like to use it for real-time monitoring. If I turn off logstash and metricbeat is sending every 30s events to ES, I am quering ES every 40s, I would like to see an failure. And I can but when I turn logstash on I still see failure events, even after one hour. I thought fields will be reset every 30s.

Thanks for help

Hi @Akaren,

Unfortunately the failures don't end up in the normal metric indices. Could you check whether they find in the indices matching metricbeat-*?

What failure events are you referring to?

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