Metricbeats Dashboard showing some data only for 10 seconds

I installed ELK Stack 7.14.x on new server. It works, but the metric dashboard show this

only for 10 seconds. For the next 20 seconds it looks so

metricbeat is getting this data every 10 seconds

# Module: system

# Docs:


- module: system

  period: 10s


    - cpu

    - load

    - memory

    - network

    - process

    - process_summary

    - socket_summary

    #- entropy

    #- core

    - diskio

    #- socket

    #- service

    - users


    by_cpu: 5      # include top 5 processes by CPU

    by_memory: 5   # include top 5 processes by memory

  # Configure the mount point of the host’s filesystem for use in monitoring a host from within a container

  #system.hostfs: "/hostfs"

Than I updated other test system (metrics dashboard works fine) from previous release to 7.14.1 and have the same "problem".

Any idea?

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