Missing bin/kibana-plugin on 5.4.0 k8s cluster install


I just installed Kibana and Elasticsearch 5.4.0 on a kubernetes cluster, and while I was able to install x-pack on the elasticsearch pods just fine, the kibana-plugin seems to be missing on the kibana pod. I'm guessing it's something I'm doing wrong, but since I'm very new to ELK, I don't have the foggiest what that would be. Any assistance would be most appreciated.


Nevermind - I found it!


Would you please write down how you found the answer here?


When logging in to the kibana pod in the kubernetes cluster, the entry point will show you an /bin directory, but it's the system level bin directory, not the one you want to install a plugin. To install a plugin (like x-pack), navigate to this directory instead: /usr/share/kibana and then run bin/kibana-plugin install x-pack. Also, it took about 20-30 min for my install to complete. Not sure if that normal...

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One more thing...to be clear, when I say "logging into the kibana pod", I mean executing a kubectl exec command, which is effectively ssh into the pod.

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