ML Jobs Visualization Issue


(Sarvendra Singh) #1

Hi Team,
In the new 6.3 version , we created some jobs.instead of line charts we earlier getting for ML jobs, now we are getting dotted lines in new version of EL.
Please suggested how we can change this setting (dotted lines/line charts).Also for scripted fields we are getting some anomalies but not getting either line/dotted charts.


(David Kyle) #2

Hi Sarvendra.

6.3 has not been released yet are you using a beta build?
Can you post a screen shot of the dotted lines please.

(Sarvendra Singh) #3

Sorry David we are using 6.1.3 version.

Please find attached screnshot of job results with dotted can we see anomaly results in line charts as seen earlier version


(Sarvendra Singh) #4

Pls find attached screenshot

(rich collier) #5


Yes, there was a recent change made with respect to how we display zero-values vs data gaps (and thus what is shown when you have "sparse" data).

Essentially, if you have "sparse" data (data that doesn't fill every bucket) - then you will see this "dots" version instead of the "connected line" version.

Seems in your case, your bucket_span is 5m, but that is too short given the frequency of your data, thus causing some buckets to be empty, thus getting this view of your data.

In other words, the visual is operating as intended.

(system) #6

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