Modify sourcecode to achieve dashboard only mode

I have an unsecurity es cluster,and i deploy a normal kibana for daily mangement and analysis data.then i want to deploy another kibana to achieve dashboard only mode,i want to modify source code to cut out other function,but i not familiar with nodejs,anyone can tell me how to achieve this

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Have you already considered configuring a Space? Here's some space configuration guide: Spaces | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic

When configuring one role for a Space you can enable permissions to only show the Dashboard plugin and nothing else, as shown in here:

I use kibana 7.3.2 and the Space function still have manage icon on left tab and seen can't remove it

In Kibana 7.3.2 the Space interface was slightly different, but it is possible to achieve the same result from what I see: Spaces | Kibana Guide [7.3] | Elastic

But it still have Management icon,i want to hide it and only show dashboard icon

FYI 7.3 is EOL and no longer supported. You would be better off upgrading and seeing what improvements have been made around access control. Latest is 7.15.

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