More data return when do one query

i want do some queries in elasticsearch
when i do this by kibana, it returns like this:

but when i do queries in console with these sentences:

GET /doujiangv4-2020-07-05/_search/
    "bool" : {
      "must": [
        {"match": { "#time": "2020-07-05" }},
        {"match": { "#event_name": "SERVER_HEARTBEAT" }}

i got more pieces:
it's 864, instead of 576 which number appear in kibana
why :confused:?
what would i do if i want the number to be 576

Kibana's discover tab has a button in the upper right to get debug information somewhere in there you can get the query it issued. Sorry I can't be more precise. I dont remember it well.

Anyway, my guess is that the query you made by hand doesn't match the kibana one.

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You can find the query which was executed by kibana here:

Scroll down and you will find something like this:

thank you for your answer

thank you very much for your help

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