Moving kibana visualisation to a new cluster with differently named indexes

I have just upgraded to 17.7.1 and I now find that I can no longer change the index pattern associated with a visualisation by exporting it, deleting the the index temporarily and importing it back it.

It used to detect that the index was missing and allow one to select another. Now the only thing it allows is to create the missing index pattern.

I am actually moving the visualisations to a new cluster which has different indexes and I expected to get prompted to enter new patterns bu instead the missing pattern was created which was not useful

Hello @Russell_Fulton -

You've definitely identified a functional gap in Kibana.

Use Saved object management to export the index pattern in question, edit it in a text editor (looking for the title) and reimport it, overwriting the existing index pattern.

Let me know if that works for you. There are a couple of variations that achieve the same result.


Been there and done that ; ). I was hoping for something simpler. Should i log feature request?

@Russell_Fulton Please do, create an issue here - Issues · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Its always helpful to have specific customer requests to point to when prioritizing work.

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