Moving self hosted elasticsearch in ec2 instance to upgrade enterprise level subscription

Currently we have hosted self hosted elasticsearch with kibana through Ec2 instance.We are planning to get subscription for enterprise support. I'm new to elasticsearch. can someone suggest what are the measures i need to take to upgrade my account without affecting the data stored in kibana and elasticsearch.

Hi @Abdul_Rajak

First since you will be purchasing a subscription you should be able to speak with the account team you are working with.

Also, you're as soon as you were subscription is provisioned you can open a support ticket and they can help you even before you actually apply the license

What version are you running today? If you are on a fairly recent version, the following applies.

But in short, the way elasticsearch works, there is no additional software to install or reinstall to move from basic to enterprise and you can apply a license while the system is running.

You are not required to reinstall or even stop the system.

You you just apply the license through Kibana or the API.

Not sure if that helps but this is a core future of The Elastic Stack.

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