Multi cluster monitoring not work for trial license

(I'm sorry if I post in wrong place, It's hard to figure out whether it's a kibana thing or elasticsearch thing.)
I'm giving a try on kibana for multi cluster monitoring, by starting my trial, but it can not work. This pic below shows trial status

When I wanted to try the multi cluster monitoring, failed because of the basic license's limitation.
Is that trial license is limited too?

Hi @kyle_yu,

A few questions to start off, if you don't mind:

  1. The toaster message in the screenshot obscures the license of the es-test-one cluster. I assume it's Basic, but could you please confirm that for me?

  2. The first screenshot shows "Your Trial license is active". Could you open the Developer Tools > Console application in the same Kibana and run the following query: GET /

Bottom line is this: in the multi-cluster monitoring screen, you should be able to click on the es-test-252 cluster as it has a Trial license but you wouldn't be able to click on any other clusters if they have a Basic license.

Thanks for your replying and useful advices, what you said is correct, I only started the trial on the proxy node via kibana (at that time I thought it will start Trial on all my cluster, but it didn't). After I started manually, it works. Please forgive my ignorance and thank you again.

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